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Congenital Curly Toe Splinting

Congenital Curly Toe is a condition present at birth that causes a visible curling position of one or more toes, under or over a neighboring toe.

According to the current literature, there is spontaneous resolution of this deformity in about 25% of affected infants. When deciding whether to simply monitor the toe position over time or to instigate treatment early, it is important to remember that a baby’s foot bones are mostly cartilaginous. This makes them soft, flexible and malleable and allows corrective splinting to be most effective in improving misalignment.

Congenital Curly Toe Splinting

Corrective toe splinting and taping techniques implemented over a number of months can help to re-position the toes into normal alignment. Curly toe splints are commonly made from a silicone substance that is custom-moulded to the toes. Splinting and toe taping treatments are inexpensive, comfortable and easily tolerated by most infants and children.

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