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Bunion Splints for Kids

Bunions in childrbunion-splinten are never normal and should be treated as early as possible. A bunion deformity in a child is known as a Juvenile Bunion and it is vital that this foot problem is identified and treated as early as possible.

Treatment for Juvenile Bunions is always multifaceted, involving the use of a combination of therapies including custom foot orthoses, footwear changes and modifications, foot muscle stretching and strengthening exercises, toe-spacer splints for use in school shoes and night stretching splints.

Bunion night splints are highly effective and work by applying a sustained stretch to the soft tissues surrounding the bunion.   This corrective force helps to slow down the progression of the bunion deformity.

Bunion night splints are most effective when introduced early on before the bunion has become too large.   Bunion splints are designed to be adjustable and comfortable with padding and soft cushioned straps.  Most children find the splints very comfortable and have no problems wearing them each night.

It is important to remember that bunion night splints are very effective if treatment is started early and when used as part of an overall treatment plan, but they are not a cure and are never used as an isolated form of treatment.


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