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Non Custom Foot Orthotics 4 Kids

Non Custom foot orthotics are generic arch supports, generally found in pharmacies, sports and adventure stores. They are designed to support the arch of your child’s foot and help spread weight more evenly along the sole.

How are Non-Custom Foot Orthotics different from Custom-Made Foot Orthotics?

While they can provide additional support, it is important to remember that non-custom foot orthotics:
• are not made from a 3-D scan (or cast) of your child’s feet and, as such, are not designed to conform to your child’s individual foot shape;
• are not designed to correct your child’s individual problems with foot alignment or posture;
• are of most benefit in children with minor foot posture abnormalities, or that require temporary foot posture support.

How do I know which Non-Custom Foot Orthotics to buy?

Foot Health 4 Kids recommends and sells SUPERfeet, a range of high quality insoles suitable for children with a range of foot types. Our staff are trained footwear fitters who can help you to select the best SUPERfeet insoles for your child.

Learn more about SUPERfeet at the SUPERfeet website.


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