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Custom-Made Foot Orthotics 4 Kids

Custom-made foot orthotics are individually prescribed medical devices made from a 3-D scan or cast of your child’s feet.

Custom-made foot orthotics are designed to improve the postural alignment and function of the feet in order to prevent or treat problems caused by abnormal foot posture. Custom foot orthotics are prescribed by podiatrists for numerous childhood foot or gait problems and help make activities such as walking and running more efficient.

Custom foot orthotics are usually prescribed when abnormal foot posture is contributing to knee, leg, ankle, heel or foot pain. They have many medical applications, including:

What are OrthemaTM CAD/CAM custom foot orthotics?Custom-Made Foot Orthotics 4 Kids

The Orthema CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacture) foot orthotic fabrication system is a revolutionary Swiss design introduced to Foot Health Clinic in 2013.
It enables our podiatrists to prescribe, design and manufacture your child’s foot orthotics on-site, in person, and without the delays caused by having to transfer your child’s orthotics prescription to an external laboratory.

Orthema CAD/CAM prescription orthotics begin with a thorough physical examination by your podiatrist, including a complete biomechanical examination comprising:

Your podiatrist then uses the OrthemaTM computer aided digitiser to scan the exact contours of your child’s feet in their corrected standing position, determined during their physical examination.

Your podiatrist enters any additional information into the OrthemaTM system, then electronically transfers your child’s scans to a computer-aided milling machine to carve their orthotics.

The material for your child’s foot orthotics is selected by your podiatrist from 19 different milling blocks, comprising different densities of EVA rubber.

Once your child is fitted with their foot orthotics, your podiatrist stores their scans and prescription in the OrthemaTM system, enabling you to order additional pairs of orthotics at a reduced cost.

What are the advantages of CAD/CAM custom-made foot orthotics?

Custom-Made Foot Orthotics

Orthema Milling Machine

The Orthema CAD/CAM system offers several advantages over conventional custom orthotics, including:

  • no messy, uncomfortable plaster casts – your child’s feet are scanned entirely digitally
  • precise scans of your child’s feet in their corrected position – the 512 sensors on the OrthemaTM computer-aided digitiser are measured to an accuracy of 0.1mm
  • no risk of damage to your child’s casts during transit to an external laboratory
  • a range of different orthotic blocks, enabling your podiatrist to select the most comfortable density for your child’s problem
  • a rapid turnaround on your child’s orthotics – OrthemaTM CAD/CAM custom foot orthotics can be ready in as little as a day
  • on-site digital storage of your child’s foot scans and orthotic prescription

Are custom-made foot orthotics comfortable?

Custom-made foot orthotics are very comfortable – in fact, once your child has completed the initial wearing-in process, they should barely be aware that they are wearing them. Most children report that they feel significantly more comfortable wearing their orthotics than not wearing them.

One of the most important parts of orthotic therapy is appropriate follow-up, so if your child experiences any problems with orthotic fit, function, comfort, shoe fit or any other issue, your podiatrist will be able to troubleshoot the problem and address any concerns.

Are Custom-made Foot Orthotics Claimable on my Private Health Insurance?

Custom-Made Foot Orthotics

Orthema Milling Blocks

Many private health funds contribute to the cost of custom-made foot orthotics, if the orthotics have been prescribed by a Podiatrist. Contact your private health fund to see if you are covered for custom-made foot orthotics.

Foot Health Clinic offers HICAPS on-the-spot electronic health fund rebate for your convenience.

The podiatrists at Foot Health Clinic have a combined 40 years’ experience in prescribing and manufacturing custom-made foot orthotics. With the introduction of the OrthemaTM CAD/CAM system we now have complete control of the prescription, design and manufacturing of your child’s orthotics, which helps us to ensure that their orthotics are comfortable and are providing the best biomechanical support for their feet.

If you feel your child could benefit from OrthemaTM CAD/CAM custom-made foot orthotics, please contact us.

You can also learn more about OrthemaTM CAD/CAM custom-made foot orthotics at the Orthema Australasia website.





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