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Exercise Programs 4 Kids

Stretching and Strengthening Exercise ProgramsExercise Programs 4 Kids
Balance and Proprioception

As children enter their pre-adolescent growth spurt, it is well-known that there is often a temporary decline in coordination, balance, strength and flexibility.

This period of rapid growth typically occurs between the ages of 10 and 14 years and lasts between 1 to 2 years.

Exercise Programs 4 Kids – It is important for coaches, parents and young athletes to understand that rapid growth spurts and the accompanying ‘adolescent awkwardness’ that occurs during puberty may affect sports performance and susceptibility to injury. This period of rapid growth presents many challenges to the young sportsperson, who must learn to move and control their longer and heavier body and limbs. This is a time when children tend to complain about joint pain caused by rapid growth and tight muscles and soft tissues.

At Foot Health 4 Kids, we understand the physical changes that affect the growing skeleton at different phases in childhood and adolescence. Our comprehensive paediatric assessment includes flexibility and strength testing of the lower limbs in addition to screening for core strength, pelvic stability and balance skills.

If your child has a musculoskeletal injury, growth plate pain or foot posture problems our podiatrists can prescribe a targeted exercise program to help improve flexibility, strength and balance.


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