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At Foot Health 4 kids we are committed to providing comprehensive podiatry care with a focus on children and adolescents.  

In October, one of America’s most prominent and experienced paediatric physical therapists, Beverly (Billi) Cusick, visited Australia to conduct intensive training seminars for small groups of experienced health professionals who work specifically with children.  Billi is a world re-knowned paediatric physical therapist whose specialty is the management of lower extremity deformity, particularly in children with cerebral palsy and movement disorders related to neuromotor dysfunction.

As part of our commitment to continuing professional development, our own paediatric podiatrist, Kim Edwards, took part in this intensive training seminar in Brisbane over three full days.  Kim was the only Australian podiatrist to attend the seminar, which was predominantly attended by paediatric physiotherapists.

The areas of focus of the paediatrics seminar included:

  • Developmental orthopaedics of the trunk and lower extremity;
  • Gait development and analysis with a focus on children with developmental delay, persistent toe-walking and neuromuscular conditions;
  • New paradigms in paediatric equinus deformity management;
  • The somatosensory system, upright postural control acquisition and anterior placement of the body’s centre of mass;
  • Weight-Line Training Orthosis;
  • Neuromotor Re-Education Using Orthosis & Shoes;
  • Effects of low muscle tone on foot posture in children.

Kim believes the seminar provided new assessment and therapy options that can be put into use when caring for young children who have difficulties with persistent toe-walking and leg muscle imbalance.

Foot Health 4 Kids is a modern, family – friendly podiatry practice with a focus on children and adolescents.  If you are concerned about your child’s foot posture or gait, call us on 3289 6050 to arrange an appointment with one of our experienced podiatrists.


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