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During primary school years, many children experience relatively severe pains in their legs at night, often after a strenuous day of activity at school.

Usually dubbed ‘growing pains’, this problem affects about one in three Australian school children.

Common causes of ‘growing pain’s include:

  • Abnormal foot pressure – children with overly-flexible feet that roll in excessively may have more trouble with ‘growing pains;
  • Muscle fatigue – if an active child has overly-flexible joints, the muscles have to work harder to control balance and foot posture;
  • Poor flexibility – during periods of rapid growth, muscles may become tight, restricting joint flexibility in the legs;
  • Vitamin D deficiency – new research suggests a link between low vitamin D and ‘growing pains’.

Typical symptoms of ‘growing pains’ are:

  • leg pain that occurs at night, disturbing sleep;
  • with pain occurring in the muscles, not the joints;
  • with pain occurring in both legs, not just one;
  • with pain gone by morning, causing no limp or difficulties running.

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