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Knee Pain in Kids

Knee pain in children and adolescents is very common and is one of the most common complaints seen by podiatrists.   Knee Pain in Kids

Knee pain in children can have many causes, including:

Knee Pain in Kids – As children enter the rapid growth phase of the pre-adolescent years, the large muscles and tendons that cross the knee joint often become tight, as the leg bones become longer.  This tightness in the soft tissues, increases the strain across the front of the knee, causing pain and inflammation.  The growth centre’s at the knee are particularly susceptible to injury, especially in children that have abnormal foot posture and poor flexibility.

Because knee pain in children and adolescents is often related to abnormal foot posture, unsupportive footwear and poor flexibility, your child should be assessed by an experienced podiatrist.  Our paediatric podiatrists are specifically trained to detect and treat biomechanical problems in children that may be causing knee pain or may be predisposing your child to injuries.

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