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Heel Pain in Kids

Heel pain in children can have many causes, including: Heel Pain in Kids

Heel pain in kids (children and adolescents) is very common due to the nature of the child’s growing feet.

Our heel bone (or calcaneus) is not fully developed until well into our teenage years. The growth centre of the heel first appears at about 7 years of age and does not fuse with the main part of the heel bone until around 13 years in girls and 15 years in boys. During the period before it finally fuses with the heel bone, the growth centre is soft (or cartilaginous) and can be susceptible to injury in active and rapidly growing children. It is easy to see how this stage of rapid growth and development can lead to injury and heel pain.

Because correctly diagnosing the cause of heel pain in children can be a challenge, your child should be assessed by an experienced podiatrist.

Our paediatric podiatrists are specifically trained to detect and treat biomechanical problems in children that may be causing heel pain or may be predisposing your child to injuries.

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