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Overweight children often have painful, flat feet that fatigue easily and prevent them from participating in sports and exercise, especially running-based sport (eg. soccer, hockey, athletics, cross-country etc).   These types of physical activities not only prove to be difficult for obese children, but can also cause significant musculoskeletal pain, leading to the development of foot, leg or knee injuries and even sport refusal.

Additionally, obese children often have difficulties with their coordination with some common symptoms including:

  • Clumsiness or tripping
  • Delayed development of gross motor skills such as jumping, hopping and skipping
  • Poor balance and endurance

Obese children with poor foot posture may be vulnerable to a vicious cycle of foot pain leading to inactivity, which then leads to further weight gain, placing further strain on their growing feet and legs.

Podiatrists play a vital role in assessing and treating children with obesity and associated foot, leg or knee pain and preventing future complications and immobility.

If you need further advice please arrange a consultation with one of our Paediatric Podiatrists. | Foot Health Clinic is located in Samford, North Brisbane | Call 07 3289 6050 for information or consultations

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