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Oliver Fawcett graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Podiatry from Queensland University of Technology in 1995.  Oliver went on to successfully establish the first private podiatry practice based in Samford in1996, providing the local community access to affordable and contemporary podiatry care.

Oliver is a Samford local, attending primary school at Samford State School and growing up in the district. He continues to support the local community with regular speaking invitations and sponsorships for Riding for the Disabled and the Children’s Art Prize at the Samford Show.

Clinical Focus

Oliver is an experienced and dedicated family podiatrist who has established himself as a leader in the field of orthotic therapy and lower limb biomechanics.  He has done numerous clinical placements with world-renowned orthotic and biomechanical specialists including Dr. Kevin Kirby  (Sacramento, USA), Dr. Ron Valmassy (San Francisco, USA) and Dr. Larry Huppin (Washington, USA).

Oliver focuses on the treatment of mechanical foot problems such as arch or heel pain, knee pain and adolescent sports injuries. He has had extensive experience in the treatment and rehabilitation of rigid flat feet in adolescents (also known as Tarsal Coalition). Oliver is trained and experienced in the use of the custom Ritchie Brace for collapsed arches, ankle arthritis or trauma and flaccid foot drop (as seen in Charcot Marie Tooth disease).

Oliver is an Accredited Podiatrist with the Australian Podiatry Association.

Advanced Training

Oliver has completed additional training in VHO nail bracing. He has continued to establish an effective non-surgical treatment of ingrown toenails using the VHO nail brace, which was developed in Germany and first introduced to Australia by Oliver in 2007. Oliver travelled to Germany to complete training in VHO nail brace techniques and now trains Australian podiatrists in this non-surgical ingrown toenail treatment and has spoken on the topic at the Queensland State Podiatry Conference.  Oliver also performs surgical correction of ingrown toenails for children and adolescents where nail bracing is not suitable. Oliver has attended numerous domestic and international conferences including PFOLA (Prescription Foot Orthotic Laboratory Association) in the USA.

Teaching Experience

In his role as a university clinical supervisor, he has helped train students at QUT Podiatry School in custom foot orthotic design and manufacture, and has extensive experience in both traditional and computerized orthotic prescription and manufacture.

Sporting and Adventure Travel Interests

In recent years, Oliver has developed a keen interest in hiking and adventure walks and has twice completed the Camino de Santiago in Spain, an 800km walking pilgrimage from the French side of the Pyrenees, across the north of Spain to Santiago de Compostela.  He has also enjoyed trekking in Nepal and Tasmania with his family, including his twin daughters. From this experience, he has developed expert knowledge in the field of hiking equipment including hiking boots, technical socks, walking poles, blister prevention and walking injury prevention and management.

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