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Why Us

Our Podiatrists have extensive experience in treating children and adoloescents. We have a genuine interest in getting the best results for you.



Each of our Podiatry services is designed to get to the root of your foot problem so we treat the underlying cause rather than just addressing symptoms.



There’s no reason to live with painful foot problems. You don’t need to know what’s wrong with your feet – we’ll diagnose the problem and we treat all foot and ankle conditions.


Self Care

You may find relief for less-serious conditions here. If the condition or pain is serious or persists after you try to treat it at home, contact us for an appointment.

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Kim Edwards

Kim Edwards

Co-Owner and Podiatrist

Kim graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science Podiatry (with Distinction) from Queensland University of Technology in 1995. In recent years, Kim has developed an interest in podiatry for children (or paediatric podiatry). Kim has also attended specialist paediatric podiatry seminars hosted by Australia’s most prominent paediatric podiatrist.

Oliver Fawcett

Oliver Fawcett

Co-Owner and Podiatrist

Oliver graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Podiatry from Queensland University of Technology in 1995.  Oliver went on to successfully establish the first private podiatry practice based in Samford in 1996, providing the local community access to affordable and contemporary podiatry care.